Garbage disposals are convenient kitchen appliances that chop away at the debris in your sink so it can drain quickly and easily. But if your garbage disposal is not properly functioning, you could wind up with a big mess on your hands.

You probably haven’t thought about replacing your garbage disposal, it is one of the smaller appliances and it’s tucked away under your sink so you tend to ignore it. But your disposal is a hard-working appliance that probably gets an awful lot of use. It might be to the point where you might have to have it replaced. American Drain CO., your emergency plumber in Los Angeles, offers signs that your garbage disposal may need to be replaced.


If you have ever accidentally dropped a spoon or fork in the disposal while it is running, you know just how loud that can be. If you hear a new and different noise when you turn off the disposal, it could be a sign that something is amiss.

Now, it could be something rather simple and benign, like something stuck in the disposal for example. Your first instinct is to reach your hand in the check, but you shouldn’t do that until the power to the unit has been turned off. You also need to be real careful as there could be broken glass causing the problem and you could hurt yourself.


The reset button on your garbage disposal is intended to help it recover from any number of unusual situations. A new a properly working disposal won’t require a reset unless something is wrong. An older disposal on the brink of death may require several resets a week.



If your disposal tends to turn off by itself while you are using it, it could be an electrical issue. But in most cases, it is an indication that the motor is failing. It might be time to have your disposal replaced.


Your disposal will get stinky after breaking down wet food, but a gentle cleaning solution poured down your drain should fix that. If there is a bad odor that won’t go away, it could be a sign you need to have your disposal replaced.


If there are puddles of water under your sink, they might be coming from your garbage disposal. And if your garbage disposal is leaking, then you should have it replaced.


If your garbage disposal just isn’t doing its job, it could be a sign that it needs to be replaced. Most loads should run through your disposal rather quickly. But if it seems like it is taking longer for your disposal to break down food, then either the blades need to be sharpened or the unit itself needs to be replaced.


While your disposal might not be showing signs of age when you have your kitchen remodeled, it is still a good time to have it replaced. You older model disposal isn’t going to offer the functionality of a brand new one.

If it is time to replace your garbage disposal, give American Drain Co. a call.