To create the ideal living space, many homeowners opt to remodel portions of their home. This allows a house to truly become a home as a remodel is customized for preference and taste. And since most homes have more than one bathroom, this is a great place to start if you want to transform your house into your personalized home.

Remodeling your bathrooms can also carry the advantage of increasing the value of your home. In some cases, you might benefit from lower energy bills by remodeling your bathrooms. In fact, there are several really compelling reasons why you should have your bathrooms remodeled.

American Drain Company, your drain service in Los Angeles, offers these reasons why it makes sense to have your bathrooms remodeled.



Modern bathroom appliances include features that will help you save money on your monthly utility bills. Older toilets often use several gallons of water with every flush, modern toilets often use less than a liter each flush. That is a big difference that will save you money on your water bill.

The same holds true with your shower head. Older showerheads spew out water at a wasteful rate. Modern showerheads use a significantly less amount of water and will save you even more money. In addition to saving money, you feel better for not wasting so much water.

You can also choose to use modern LED lighting when you have your bathrooms remodeled. This means you will be using less electricity to light your bathrooms and you will enjoy a lower electric bill.


In older homes, it is not uncommon to have bathrooms that pose a danger to individuals who use them. Not that they are death traps, but that old shower could cause you to slip and fall. This could wind up being a devastating fall that could have been avoided with a modern shower stall.

Some bathrooms could still have old electrical sockets in use and leave homeowners vulnerable to electrocution if they are exposed to water. By having your bathrooms remodeled and upgrading these components, you make your bathroom a safer place to be.


Remodeling your bathrooms can add value to your home in many ways. Bathrooms with updated and modern appliances and components will certainly add to the selling price. And your home will be much easier to sell if your bathrooms are updated and remodeled.


A remodeled bathroom can provide you with the luxuries you always wished you had. For example, you can replace that old tub with a modern jetted tub. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and soaking in your jetted tub for a bit before dinner. There are other luxurious features in regards to sinks, toilets and lighting that will make you wonder why you didn’t remodel years ago.

For example, there are modern bathrooms faucets that automatically turn on when your hands are placed under them. There are toilets that light up at night so they are easily found.


One common mistake homeowners often make is that they assume they are limited by what space they currently have. This is simply not true. There are pros out there who embrace a challenge and will come up with a configuration that opens up your bathrooms to more shelving, cabinet storage and wall storage.


Do you have a bathroom in your home that is closed off to house guests simply because it looks awful? If you have ever remodeled your kitchen or another room in your house, you know what a difference it makes in terms of how well a room can look. Your eyesore of a bathroom will look much better after it is remodeled and you will be proud people use it.


Remodeling your bathrooms isn’t only about aesthetics, it’s practical and utilitarian as well. There could be some plumbing issues that you have been dealing with for some time that can now be resolved when the bathrooms are remodeled. This is the perfect opportunity have that leaky pipe fixed.

If you are having your bathrooms remodeled and need plumbing work or drain cleaning, give American Drain Company a call.