Many homeowners have a huge weakness, a chink in their armor when it comes to home maintenance. They don’t regularly clean their drain pipes. That is, they don’t clean their drain pipes until it is too late and something clogs up.

A clogged drain isn’t that big of a deal, and you may even have the skills to clear it yourself. However, a clogged drain is pretty gross. A clogged drain is usually filled with something nasty, like hair or worse and there is sometimes a nasty odor to deal with.

If you are the squeamish type, unclogging a drain could cause a few side effects, like gagging and the dry heaves.

There is a way in which you can lower the risk of suffering a clogged drain, it is by being proactive and cleaning your drains before they get clogged. American Drain Co, your drain cleaner in Los Angeles, offers the benefits of having your drains cleaned.


The most obvious benefit of having your drains cleaned is avoiding clogged drains. This means no running to the store for a bottle of Drano, no having to deal with a drain snake and no having to call a plumber when all else fails.


While you might be nose-blind, your home could have a faint smell of whatever happens to be in your drains. Failure to have your drains cleaned leads up to the buildup of bacteria and mold. Remember, mold loves to grow in wet and dark places.

The regular flow of water just isn’t enough to clear this gunk away. So forget about standing over your sink with the hot water cranked all the way up, you are not doing any good.


Even though you may not admit it, you know that a bunch of nasty stuff goes down your drains. The buildup of chemical deposits can cause your pipes to corrode over time. A corroded pipe will surely start leaking at some point.

By having your pipes cleaned on a regular basis, you extend the life of your existing pipes and lessen your chances of having to deal with a leak.


Everybody hates standing water in their sinks and especially in their tubs and showers. A clean drain is an effective drain that lets water flow quickly out of the sink or shower.

And even if a slow draining sink or shower doesn’t bother you, it should be cause for embarrassment. When you have family or friends over, what will they think about your bathroom sink that doesn’t properly drain? Think about how you would feel washing up at a friend’s house for dinner and having to deal with a sink that doesn’t drain.


Dirty drains lead to clogged drains and clogged drains can lead to flooding or at the very least, pools of water on your floor. When you have water leakage, there is always a chance of water damage. This is something easily avoided simply by having your drains cleaned on a regular basis.

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