Your Drain Cleaner In Los Angeles And Bacon Grease

Any food that needs to be rung out with a paper towel to remove the excess grease is probably something you shouldn’t be eating every day, if at all really. But when it’s bacon, it is easy to ignore the health hazards.

Admit it, for years you simply dumped leftover bacon grease down the kitchen sink. That is, until you suffered a clog and learned all about the things you shouldn’t be dumping down the drain. Now when you cook bacon, the grease is dumped into a large container under the sink. The problem is you don’t know what to do with it.

Your bacon grease is a natural resource and should be treasured and treated with the utmost respect. Bacon is the meat of the gods, so respect the grease. And while you can’t feed the kids in your son’s third-grade class with it or fight zombies with it, bacon grease still has a lot of practical uses. Come to think of it, grease probably could be used as a weapon to thwart zombies.

American Drain Company, your drain cleaner in Los Angeles, offers practical ways to use up your bacon grease. Well, other than battling zombies that is.



If you love your popcorn swimming in butter, you are sure to love it slathered in bacon grease. Just warm up a little bacon grease and coat your popcorn for a flavor bacon lovers will die for, quite literally if you eat this several times a week. Your cardiologist will be furious.


Do you know how the heels of your feet get all hard and rough? Cracked heels are quite common and they are itchy, uncomfortable and often painful. Before bed, rub some bacon grease on them, throw on a pair of socks and let it soak in overnight. In the morning, your heels will feel and look a whole lot better.

Of course, you might also wake up in the middle of the night when your spouse starts licking your feet in their sleep.


You probably have at least one door in your house that creaks and squeaks when opening and closing it. And we imagine it drives you up the wall. Door hinges will start making annoying noises when the inner workings generate too much friction when they rub against each other. Bacon grease works wonders as a lubricant as it will reduce the friction and keep your doors opening and closing smoothly and silently.

All you need to do is rub some bacon grease on the hinge with a brush and you will see, er, hear immediate results.


The worst part about having a splinter is trying to remove it. Instead of grabbing tweezers and magnifying glass, reach for the bacon grease instead.

Just dab a little bacon grease on the injured area and cover it up with a bandage. Leave it that way overnight and in the morning the splinter should be gone.

The bacon grease softens your skin, allowing the splinter to fall out all on its own.


If your leather shoes are looking dull and drab, slap some bacon grease on them. Rubbing bacon grease on leather will restore the sheen and suppleness. This works great on belts and bags as well.


Pour bacon grease into a jar and suspend a wick in it using a toothpick. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes and you have a candle all ready to go. Your bacon grease candles will be a conversation starter and may even impress a date.


For some people, having bacon as a topping on pizza simply isn’t enough. For true bacon lovers, spread some bacon grease on your pizza crust before topping it with sauce and cheese.


If you think you make a superior grilled cheese sandwich, think again. For a touch of bacon flavoring on your next grilled cheese sandwich, brush bacon grease on the bread before grilling it. Make sure you brush the bacon grease on both sides of the bread so it gently caresses the cheese in a tender embrace. Such a tasty option.

If you dumped bacon grease down the drain instead of on your grilled cheese and clogged up the sink, give American Drain Company a call.