Your Drain Cleaner In Los Angeles And Old Houses

Many home shoppers think old houses are nothing but money pits. They have visions of leaky pipes, crumbling stairs and leaky roofs. But older homes have a lot more to offer than many might think.

We all understand the appeal of moving into a new home. It is quite easy to become enticed by the thought of brand new appliances, new floors, new plumbing and new HVAC system. But there are several good reasons you should at least take a look at some older houses. You might discover the beauty and potential in an older home. In fact, it might be the best decision you have ever made.

American Drain Company, your drain cleaner in Los Angeles, takes a look at the reasons why buying an old house is a smart choice.



New homes might have the latest smart refrigerator complete with a screen and all, but take a look outside and you probably won’t see anything remarkable. In fact, the only thing you might see is the neighbor’s bathroom window.

While new houses have been getting bigger, lot sizes have been getting smaller. And while you might think of this as less lawn to mow, it also has several setbacks.

For example, you look out and all you see are how close you are to the neighbors, giving you a feeling of no privacy. It also means that you don;t have room for that big garden you wanted or that storage shed.

Older homes are often built on big lots, with lots of trees, shrubbery and character. Sure, there is more lawn to mow, but at least you don’t have to stare at your neighbor’s windows when you look out your own. Now, let’s make plans to have a swimming pool installed, you have the room.


It took decades for that beautiful oak tree to mature. It is now a towering beauty. You will never get that kind of curb appeal from new construction.

Many older homes have managed to maintain the charms that are characteristic in the era they were built. For example, your older home could have herring-boned patterned hardwood floors, crown molding and built-ins.

While a new home will reflect modern trends, it won’t satisfy eclectic tastes. A sweet Victorian home with stained-glass windows, that will satisfy your eclectic tastes.


There are a number of factors to consider when you are shopping for a home. You look into factors such as crime rates, schools and walkability. If you are looking at an older house, chances are it is in a well-established neighborhood. This is a good thing if you don’t appreciate a Walmart going up two blocks from the brand new house you just bought.


You have probably heard the saying, “They just don’t build them like they used to.” Generally speaking, this is true. Many older homes were built from old-growth trees. These trees attained a great age while not being disturbed and therefore are more resistant to rot and warping.

The interior walls of older homes are often built with plaster and lathe, making them stronger than the drywall walls you see in modern homes. These older walls also provide better insulation and are better at keeping noise out.


You can drive through a new neighborhood and notice that all of the houses look basically the same, they are all even painted the same color. A typical neighborhood might consist of a half dozen floor plans.

But older homes aren’t cookie cutter designs, many of them are quite unique. And even if there are houses in the neighborhood with the same design, drastic changes over the years have set the houses apart from each other.

Older homes are rich in character, but some could have some plumbing issues. Here are a few issues you might have to deal with in an older home.


Depending on the age of your home, you could be living with pipes that are unsafe. Older pipes and leach lead into your water supply, which is a hazard to your health. You should have a plumber inspect them.


Older homes can be a greater risk for clogged drains because you never know what has been down the drains over the years. A toy that was flushed years ago could cause issues. Also, that huge oak tree on your property, the one you love so much, the roots could wreak havoc on your sewer line and cause problems. Iy is best to call a plumber and have your drains checked.


You might have a leaky pipe in your older home and not even know it. A plumbing inspection is recommended to ensure there are no leaks.


Yet another problem one might find in an older home is an issue with the septic tank. Having the tank inspected could save you from an expensive and gross incident down the road.


One of the most common problems with older homes is that the fixtures are often outdated. That old faucet in the kitchen might look nostalgic, but it does not conserve water like modern faucets. But this is all easily fixed by having it replaced.

In fact, much of the plumbing problems you might face in an older home can be easily fixed. If you own an older home and would like a plumbing inspection, give American Drain Company a call.