Your Drain Cleaning Service In Los Angeles And Bathroom Remodels

For how much time you spend in them, bathrooms don’t get the attention they deserve. It seems that kitchens are more deserving of our attention. And as soon as you feel your refrigerator is outdated or you have a leak under the sink, you are all about a kitchen remodel.

You could have a leak under the sink in your bathroom or an outdated toilet, but you are less likely to do anything about it. If you are wondering if your bathroom is in desperate need of a remodel, there are several signs you can look for.

American Drain Company, your drain cleaning service in Los Angeles, offers signs it is time to remodel your bathroom.



If your bathroom has a lot of unused space or it seems a bit too tight, a remodel could help meet your storage needs. Adding more cabinets, bins or a shelving system will give you the storage space you need to keep an uncluttered bathroom.

If that doesn’t give you the space you desire, an expansion or new layout might do the trick.


It is already difficult enough getting ready for work in the dark hours of the morning. But it is even worse when you have poor lighting in your bathroom. It could be the reason why you have so many bad hair days.

Good lighting is important in the functionality of your bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom with proper lighting and perhaps even some more natural light will solve a lot of problems.


Your old home might be very charming, but your bathrooms are appalling. That old-style linoleum and avocado-colored toilet and sink haven’t been in style since Sonny and Cher shared the same stage together.

It always seems as though the bathrooms are the last rooms of a house to get remodeled.


There comes a time in everyone’s lives when safety features need to be installed to keep people safe. You might benefit from a handle in the shower or you could use a railing by the toilet.

Safety upgrades aren’t just for elderly homeowners, if you are in an older home, you might not have properly grounded electrical outlets.


When you take a close look at your bathroom, a few things stand out. For example, you might have towel holders that are way out of style or just look bad. The mirror is old and showing signs of age. All of this combined makes your bathroom look rather gloomy. A remodel will brighten things up and breathe life into your bathroom.


When you sell your home, buyers are going to notice an outdated bathroom. According to national data, a bathroom remodel could increase your home’s value by as much as $10,000.


The plumbing in your bathroom is the glue that keeps everything working smoothly. When it starts to deteriorate, it’s not something that you necessarily notice right away. But when your plumbing starts to go, things will go south rather quickly.

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, give American Drain Company a call to help with the plumbing issues.