The modern garbage disposal has been a blessing for the typical American family. It has proven to be a quick and sanitary way to dispose of food waste. So trash cans are lighter and less smelly and landfills are emptier because of garbage disposals.

Due to their solid construction and simplicity, disposals are workhorses that grind away food year after year. But even this tough appliance can’t handle everything you throw at it. American Drain Company, your drain service in Los Angeles, offers this handy list of things you should never put in your garbage disposal.



You might think that potato peels are thin enough that a garbage disposal can handle them, but that just isn’t the case. A few pieces that slip through into the drain isn’t anything to worry about, but peels can add up and too many will cause a problem with your disposal.


If you have ever scooped out a pumpkin for Halloween, then you know just how long and fibrous the strands inside are. The last thing you want to do is drop those pumpkin guts into the garbage disposal.

The same holds true for vegetables like rhubarb and celery. Instead of throwing these veggies in your disposal, throw them in the trash can where they can do no damage.


Nobody knows where it started, but there is this silly idea that throwing eggshells in the disposal with sharpen the blades. If such a thing were true, you would see people using eggshells to try to sharpen their hunting and fishing knives.

It is not that the shell does any harm to your disposal, rather it is the membrane inside the eggshell. This membrane gets loose and it can cause disposal issues.


Whether you dice, chop or slice your onions, most of it won’t be a problem for your disposal. The problem arises when the outermost layer of the onion is tossed into the disposal. So don’t do it.

The easiest way to avoid any problems is to peel the onion and throw the outer portion into the trash can.


Think about how peanut butter is made. They grind peanuts down to a paste so you can enjoy the best sandwiches for lunch.

So go on and take a guess as to what happens when you throw a handful of peanuts down the garbage disposal. That’s right, the peanuts you toss not the disposal get ground up and turn to paste, where they now can become a problem as they might clog your drain.


Oatmeal is an expansion threat. You might only toss a cup of dried oatmeal in the disposal, but that will double or triple once water is added. If you are lucky, it will clear the drains, if not, then you have issues.


Pasta expands when it gets cooked, given that fact, you might not want to throw it down the disposal. Even after it is wet, it will continue to expand.

If you scrape a little bit of pasta off of your plate and into the disposal, you are going to be just fine. But don’t scrape a whole bowl of pasta into the disposal. Then you are only asking for trouble.


While it is true that dumping coffee grounds into the disposal will make everything smell great, it could start to cause some serious problems down the road. Think about how those grounds look coming out of the filter and you can see why they should be dumped in the trash instead.

If you clog your disposal, give American Drain Company a call.