It’s your dream home. You make an offer and it has been accepted. You order an inspection and everything is good to go. Or is it?

All too often, a homeowner will move into a house and not realize the state of the plumbing. Each home has a plumbing system that could have issues. This happens because some inspectors bring in plumbers to do a thorough plumbing inspection and some do not.

Here are a few things that American Drain Company, your drain service in Los Angeles, would look for during a plumbing inspection.



One problem a new homeowner might encounter is a leaky toilet. Toilet leaks are often very small and almost undetectable. But over time, the leak will start to rot the subfloor and might even get in between the subfloor and the finished floor. Many homeowners are aware of the damage this can create.

Here is what you can look for. Look for discoloration or warping around the base of the toilet. Now check to see if the floor around the toilet feels soft by placing your foot on it and moving it. You should also check the toilet and make sure it does not rock or slide.


On average, you can expect your water heater to last about 10 years. There are several factors, of course, including water quality, installation and maintenance.

Consider the location of the water heater. Should the water heater leak, will it ruin the carpet and cause drywall damage? It is quite common to find water heaters installed in places that are out of the way, but in places where should they leak, they can do serious damage.

Water heater pans are available, but only hold so much water before they overflow. Your water heater should be installed in a location where it will cause the least amount of damage.


Drains will clog for any number of reasons, but some are not as obvious as others. For example, the main sewer line could get clogged and everything in your home would back up.

If your main sewer gets clogged, clearing it up could be a big problem. A plumber will use a sewer camera to determine the condition of the main sewer line. If there are problems, like a pipe ready to collapse, you need to get it fixed right away.


Clogged drains can lead to all sorts of issues, some that can be pretty costly to repair. Part of your plumbing inspection will include checking the drains for any problems that might arise.

Also, look for old water marks under sinks as these are signs of previous plumbing problems.


You should inspect floors that are around plumbing fixtures for damage. Old watermarks are a sign of a problem at one point. And even if this problem was resolved, there could be damage.

Identifying and addressing these problems will give you peace of mind when buying your dream home. Give American Drain Company a call.