Your Emergency Plumber In Los Angeles And Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Problems

Thanksgiving is the laziest holiday. You eat your body weight in food and spend the rest of the day watching football in a food coma. And you take a nap during halftime.

The reality is that Thanksgiving is a lot of work. You have a huge meal that needs to be prepared or you will have a household of relatives and friends quite disappointed.

Hosting friends and family for the holiday also puts a huge strain on your plumbing system. And it is all of this traffic that can cause a plumbing problem. American Drain Company, your emergency plumber in Los Angeles, offers common Thanksgiving Day plumbing problems you might encounter and the best way to deal with them.



If you get a clogged toilet on Thanksgiving, it is all too easy to blame in on your relatives. The truth of the matter is that anyone in the household could be guilty, but nobody is willing to admit it.

Clogged toilets happen far more often when there are a lot of people using them. A lot of people fail to follow flushing etiquette when they are at someone else’s house. This means uncle Frank could be flushing down way too much toilet paper or aunt Bertha is flushing wipes down the toilet. There are even people who don’t flush at all, leaving the person who uses the bathroom after them a dilemma: To flush or not to flush.

And then there are the kids, they are known to flush things down the toilet that do not belong.

So when you suffer a clogged toilet on Thanksgiving, the first thing you need to do is plunge the toilet in question. For the best results, use a flanged plunger. If this does not do the trick, then try pouring boiling water down the toilet.

To prevent clogs in the future, make sure everybody knows to only flush toilet paper down the toilets. Tell your visitors to avoid flushing cotton balls, wipes and tissue paper.


You step into the shower only to discover there is no hot water. Before you panic and grab the phone to call a plumber, think about what is going on in your home.

Most houses have conventional water heaters. These types of heaters heat up the water in a large tank for when you need it. When the hot water is all used up, the tank is filled with cold water to be heated.

In all likelihood, you simply ran out of hot water and have to wait for the water in the tank to get heated up.

If you have friends and family over, they could be the reason you are out of hot water. Think about how much hot water it takes when everybody washed their hands before the big meal.

Also, you are probably using a lot of hot water in the kitchen while preparing the Thanksgiving Day feast.

Running out of hot water doesn’t mean there is a problem with your plumbing system, so hold off on calling the plumber. If you have to, schedule times when people can shower so that there is enough hot water to last.


One of the most common Thanksgiving Day plumbing problems is a clogged sink. Just as you are set to start washing a mountain of dishes, pots and pans, the kitchen sink gets clogged.

Your kitchen sink will get clogged up if you are putting things down the drain that don’t belong. Fat, oil and grease should not be dumped down the drain as they will cause a clog. You might also be rushing to clean things up and inadvertently wind up putting bones or other materials down the drain that don’t belong there.

Don’t use chemical drain cleaners and they could cause damage to your pipes. Instead, use a plunger to free the clog. To prevent a clogged sink in the future, make sure you carefully watch what goes down the kitchen drain.

If you do suffer a clogged toilet or clogged drain in your home over the holidays and can’t fix it yourself, give American Drain Company a call. We offer 24-hour services and we will be more than happy to help.