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Drain Repair When You Need It

If you think about it, you use your drains dozens of times every day: every time you wash your hands, do dishes, wash laundry, take a bath or shower, or get some water out of the sink. Water is vital for survival, and our modern-day plumbing system delivers water to us faithfully every day. However, sometimes drains become clogged, which would then require drain service.

American Drain Company in Calabasas has dedicated our lives to ensuring your water stays flowing through our drain services. We can fix your clogged drains, broken pipes, and more. When your water stops flowing, call our 24-hour plumbing company today!

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  • Shifting soil

  • Frozen ground

  • Broken or cracked pipes

  • Old pipes

  • Tree roots

  • Lack of maintenance

  • Clogged drains

Plumber in Calabasas

The causes of drain services can vary. From a breakdown in the piping material to clogs from inappropriate items being put into the drains, clogged or broken drains do occur.

American Drain Company in Calabasas can help. Our expert plumbers can help repair your drains so you can return to life as normal. Below, we'll take a brief look at a few of the causes of drain services. Call our local plumbing company today!


Old Pipes

Like everything, pipes can wear out and need repair. A hole may form, and they may start leaking, or they may be vulnerable to tree roots that then form a clog. With our drain services, we'll have your drains working properly in no time.

Lack of Maintenance

Since your pipes are either buried in the ground or hidden behind your walls, odds are, you don't think about them much, if at all. While this is a good thing, you should invest in regular drain and pipe inspection services from your local plumber in Calabasas, especially if your pipes are aging. Our plumbing company can inspect your pipes, ensuring a major drain service is unwarranted.



When you call American Drain Company in Calabasas for drain repair, we'll start with a thorough inspection of your pipes. Most likely we'll perform a camera inspection so we can assess the root cause (pardon the pun). Then we'll get to work on your drain service, having them repaired and cleared to flow freely again. Call our emergency plumber in Calabasas today!


About Us

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at exceptional service without compromise, we have been providing the region with expert-level plumbing services for both commercial and residential customers. We are the local’s choice for extensive plumbing projects.


Camera Inspections

Saving time and money while eliminating the frustrations of guesswork, camera inspections give us a true and clear picture of what’s happening within your drains and pipes. Used before and after service, our video camera inspections ensure proper flow and condition.


Emergency Services

As specialists in residential and commercial plumbing, we are able to offer full-service emergency plumbing repair that is designed to exceed even your highest expectations. From burst pipes to sewer line backups, we are the team to call 24 hours a day.


Plumbing Installation

A high-functioning system always begins with proper installation. At American Drain, we never settle for less. With more than a half-century of combined industry experience, our team has the know-how and skills to ensure superior workmanship and unparalleled results.

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