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Odds are, your pipes will, at some point, become clogged. This is due to the design of pipes, most of which are narrow and twist and turn as they make their way from the underground into your home or office.

American Drain Company offers drain cleaning services in Malibu. With over 20 years of experience, we can diagnose your clogged drain, clean it out, and have your water back and flowing nicely. Whether you need residential or commercial drain cleaning services in Malibu, we can help. Our expert drain cleaners work efficiently and quickly so you can return to your normal doings. If you have a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain, call our plumbing company for drain cleaning services today!

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  • Helps to eliminate foul odors from buildups
  • Increases your water flow, making it more efficient
  • Saves you money
  • Creates a cleaner home or office environment
  • Serves as a great opportunity for a drain inspection
  • Prevents clogs from forming in the first place
  • Reduces the likelihood of a clogged drain that could damage your home or office
  • Increases the longevity of your pipes
  • And more!

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Let’s face it, no one likes a clogged drain, and having one could definitely ruin your day, especially if this clogged drain is on the verge of overflowing. The important thing is to unclog your drain right away by using a professional local drain cleaning service in Malibu such as American Drain Company. Once your drain is unclogged, it will be important to ensure you invest in regular drain cleaning services in order to prevent another close call. Below, we’ll go over a few of the benefits of professional drain cleaning services in Malibu. Call us today to get started!


Saves You Money

If you have a partially clogged drain, odds are, you wouldn’t know it. However, your water bill could reflect a clogged drain because clogged drains cause your water pressure to increase as it has a narrower area to squeeze through. This can lead to costly leaks that most likely would go undetected since your plumbing pipes lie underground. Over the long run, these leaks could get bigger and cause a bigger plumbing repair, such as a pipe replacement service. These leaks could also cause the need for a slab leak repair as well if the pipe were near your home or office’s foundations. Preventative maintenance through drain cleaning services is more affordable in this case.

Prevents Foul Odors

If you think your home is smelling weird, it might not be Fido or Fluffy after all — it could be a clogged drain. If you think about what goes down your drains (don’t think too much about it), this organic matter can sit in your pipes if you have a clog. As bacteria eat away at this matter, they produce foul odor from the chemical processes of their eating. These smells can come up your pipes, making for a very quick shower in order to escape them. By investing in regular drain cleaning services in Malibu, you can present these nasty odors from taking your home or office by storm.



American Drain Company is your choice for regular drain cleaning services in Malibu. We offer a whole slew of residential and commercial plumbing services, including emergency plumbing, hydro jetting, trenchless sewers, plumbing installations, plumbing repairs, pipelining, and so much more. Call our plumbing company in Malibu today!

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With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at exceptional service without compromise, we have been providing the region with expert-level plumbing services for both commercial and residential customers. We are the local’s choice for extensive plumbing projects.


Camera Inspections

Saving time and money while eliminating the frustrations of guesswork, camera inspections give us a true and clear picture of what’s happening within your drains and pipes. Used before and after service, our video camera inspections ensure proper flow and condition.


Emergency Services

As specialists in residential and commercial plumbing, we are able to offer full-service emergency plumbing repair that is designed to exceed even your highest expectations. From burst pipes to sewer line backups, we are the team to call 24 hours a day.


Plumbing Installation

A high-functioning system always begins with proper installation. At American Drain, we never settle for less. With more than a half-century of combined industry experience, our team has the know-how and skills to ensure superior workmanship and unparalleled results.