As a homeowner, you fully understand what type of damage a water leak could cause. You do your best to try to ensure this doesn’t happen in your home, but preventing a possible water leak isn’t always straightforward. It is especially difficult if you have absolutely no plumbing experience.

You might be surprised to learn that water leaks occur due to several common causes. Understanding what causes leaking water pipes helps you protect your home from water damage caused by these leaks. American Drain Company, your drain cleaning service in Los Angeles, offers the common causes of household leaks.



A clogged drain might seem like a mere inconvenience at the very worst, but unless the obstruction is completely removed, it can lead to more serious problems in your plumbing system. For example, if the clog consists of a substance that is corrosive, it could cause damage to your pipes, even put holes in them. This is one of the main reasons you should have your pipes professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

It is also the reasons why you shouldn’t use corrosive drain cleaners. Often, these drain cleaners are ineffective and sit in one spot for a long time.


Over time, your home and the pipes that run all through it may shift. This movement could cause plumbing leaks as the connection may break. A shifting house can occur during an earthquake, natural erosion building settling or flooding.


The most vulnerable part of your pipes are the joints. Your pipes have joints on every point where they are redirected. If you are going to have problems with leaking pipes, there is a good chance it will be in one of the joints.


High water pressure is nice when you are taking a shower or washing your car, but the higher the water pressure in your pipes, the more risk there is for damage and leaks. You may want to have your plumber check the water pressure and make any necessary adjustments.


Not all plumbing is metal pipes. In all areas where pipes connect to a fixture, there will also be a rubber seal to keep everything watertight. Over time, these rubber seals will degrade and you can develop leaks.


Pipes do last a long time, but like with every other component of your house, they aren’t going to last forever. Over time, corrosion such as rust will eat away at your pipes and could eventually create a leak. If your pipes are over 30 years old, the risk of corrosion is greater as the piping materials of that time do not resist corrosion as well as modern pipes.


Unfortunately, there are lazy and incompetent plumbers and plumbers who have bad days and their work shows it. Maybe they used substandard materials or maybe they just didn’t care, either way, a poor job has lead to leaks.

If you are suffering a leaky pipe, give American Drain Company a call.