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Most of us take pride in our property and how it looks. Not only does a nice yard boost curb appeal, but it also enriches our lives and that of those around us. From a beautiful green yard to freshly planted annuals, your yard or office property can be a nice retreat and a place to relax when you need it.

Trenchless pipe repair is a way to repair sewer lines without having to cause destruction to your yard or property. It's become the preferred way to fix pipes for both homeowners and business owners. It takes less time and thus is more affordable, too. American Drain Company offers the best drain and sewer services in Oak Park. Our licensed technicians put your needs first, and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Reach out for plumbing and drain service, including trenchless pipe repair in Oak Park today!

Steps Trenchless Pipe Repair in Oak Park

  • Sewer lines and pipes are inspected, usually with a camera
  • Pipes and lines are cleaned out with hydro jetting or another method
  • An epoxy tube liner is inserted into your damaged pipes
  • The epoxy then hardens, creating a new pipe within the existing pipe
  • The leak or hole is fixed!

Let’s face it, no one likes a clogged drain, and having one could definitely ruin your day, especially if this clogged drain is on the verge of overflowing. The important thing is to unclog your drain right away by using a professional local drain cleaning service in Malibu such as American Drain Company. Once your drain is unclogged, it will be important to ensure you invest in regular drain cleaning services in order to prevent another close call. Below, we’ll go over a few of the benefits of professional drain cleaning services in Malibu. Call us today to get started!

Steps in Trenchless Pipe Repair in Oak Park


In order to fix your plumbing or pipe problem, we have to know exactly where it is and how to go about doing so. This is done by performing a camera inspection. Here, a camera at the end of a long tube is inserted into your sewer or drain lines usually from a pipe in your home. Sometimes, a small hole may need to be dug on your property. This allows a professional plumber to pinpoint where the leak, hole, or other problem is precisely and then get to work repairing it. It also allows the plumber in Oak Park to see if there are any other problems lurking in the background.

Drain Line Cleaning

Once the problem has been discovered, your drain and pipes have to be cleaned out so that the next step is effective. Oftentimes, your sewer pipe will be accessed from outside your home or at a low point in your home or office building in Oak Park. Usually, hydro jetting is the preferred and most effective method for cleaning out your pipes. This will ensure they are ready for the sewer pipe repair process.

Pipe Reliner

Next, an epoxy tube liner is inserted into the pipe. Known as cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, the epoxy will harden and replace your damaged sewer line — basically a pipe within a pipe. This will seal off the hole or leak in your drain pipe, solving your problem. This is done with a very minimal amount of disturbance to your property.

The key lies in the fact that the epoxy resin formula is flexible. This allows for any type of piping material or any condition (such as old pipes or root intrusion) that your pipe is in to be repaired. This new pipe will last upwards of 50 years, and since it's a newer pipe, it will oftentimes allow liquid to flow easier.


After the new pipe liner has been installed, a camera inspection will be performed once again in order to ensure the branchlines are open and ready to get to work. The lines will be turned back on to your home or office, and a test will be done before we leave. Trenchless pipe repair is a quick process that often takes less than a day to get the job done, meaning you won't be without service for too long.


Choose American Drain Company in Oak Park

American Drain Company is proud to offer a whole host of plumbing and drain services, including trenchless pipe repair, to our residential and commercial customers in Oak Park. Our family-owned company strives to exceed your expectations every time by offering the highest-quality plumbing services. We treat your home or office like our own and strive to cause minimal damage while still ensuring your pipes are fixed and functional.

In addition, we offer many other plumbing services to meet your needs from clogged drain repair and sewer line cleaning to broken pipes and blocked drains. If you live in Oak Park and are having issues with your pipes or drains, give our team a call today!

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