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Simi Valley Sewer & Drain Camera Inspections 

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Traditionally, it was impossible to guess what was clogging drains or sewers. With new technology, however, one can see crystal-clear images of the inside of a plumbing network. Our powerful cameras take a live feed of everything inside the drains and sewers. Once we have accurately captured what is blocking the pipes, our contractors can get started to work on troubleshooting. Just reach out for dependable Simi Valley sewer and drain camera inspections at the first warning signal. 

Contact us now at (805) 800-8625to learn more about our state-of-the-art camera technology.

What Can a Camera Inspection Detect?

With advances in camera technology, these powerful devices are able to capture high-quality images. The cameras used by our technicians can identify exactly what is clogging a drain or where a sewer is leaking. Moreover, the cameras are so detail-oriented that they can even help identify the severity of the break or clog.

A few things that can be located by a sewer or drain camera include:

  • A tiny break, leak, or crack along the pipe
  • A clog caused by diapers, toilet paper, feminine products, and other materials
  • The presence of minerals and calcium deposits caked on the inside of the pipe
  • A disconnection within the joints of the line
  • Corrosion caused by chemicals
  • A blockage from tree roots drawn to water in the pipes
  • Food products like peels, coffee grounds, seeds, and shells
  • Places where the soil has shifted, causing an imbalance of weight and pressure
  • Foreign objects accidentally dropped into the drain, such as rings, keys, and baby toys
  • Accumulated organic waste 
  • Blockages of grease and fat
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    Tim, thank you for unclogging my mom's sewer line and your recommendation of preventative measures.”

    Wilson M.
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    Dawn M.
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    John G.

How Camera Inspections Work

A tiny camera is fitted with special infrared lighting technology. It is then attached to a thin, long rod which is flexible enough to move throughout the pipes. This camera inspection does not only display obstacles inside but reveals precisely where they are. The camera can also demonstrate how the water is flowing and whether there is proper pressure. By looking at these detailed images, a technician can determine exactly how to fix the plumbing problem.

Benefits of Plumbing Inspections

In the past, plumbers had to use traditional methods of finding clogs and leaks. This inevitably involved a lot of guesswork. Even if they knew generally where an obstacle was, technicians still had to estimate where the pipe was blocked, and there was no way to tell if there were further clogs down the line. In many cases, homeowners would have to call plumbers back because the situation wasn’t fully resolved. Now, any homeowner can enjoy complete assurance in knowing that their problem is taken care of. Speak to American Drain Company for more info.

Call our team at (805) 800-8625 or contact us online for a fast solution to any plumbing issue, thanks to our Simi Valley sewer and drain camera inspections.


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