Your Drain Service In Los Angeles And Kitchen Remodels

For families all over this wonderful country, the kitchen is the center of their household, the hub and the place where everybody gathers. The kitchen is where the kids want to plant themselves while eating an afternoon snack, doing algebra homework or just scrolling through their tablet or smartphone.

The kitchen is where you and your best friend sit while sipping coffee and talking about the woes of your lives and the highlights. The kitchen is the place you go in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. The kitchen is the most important room in the house. At least for most people, it is.

So from your favorite spot in the kitchen, take a good look around and what do you see? You don’t have to look too closely to notice that peeling paint, the seriously outdated dishwasher, the slow leak under the sink or the hideous cabinets.

Your kitchen is an eyesore, only you are so used to it that it has gone unnoticed for years. What you need right now is a kitchen remodel.

Yes, this is an expensive project that will be an inconvenience while the work is being done, but we are here to tell you that it will be all worth it. But if you still remain unconvinced, American Drain Company, your drain service in Los Angeles, offers the reasons you should remodel your kitchen.



One of the reasons for a kitchen remodel is simply to change things up. Perhaps you are just tired of the tiles or the color of the walls and you need a change. It doesn’t take much to make your kitchen look bright and beautiful again. A kitchen remodel will garner you a little excitement in life and a kitchen that looks totally different.


As the heart of your home, your kitchen is the place where family and friends gather. You look back at all of the great times you have had in that kitchen. You deserve a kitchen that everybody can enjoy and enjoy looking at. Get a remodel and make your kitchen the best looking room in the house.


The reason why you hate your kitchen cabinets and the tiled floor is that you aren’t the one that picked them out. No sir, that was all done by previous owners long before you moved in. You have just been putting up with it for several years.

In no way does your kitchen reflect your personality, or anybody else in the family for that matter. If you were a tile person, maybe things would have worked out, but you have always loved hardwood floors in the kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen means you can get rid of those ugly white appliances in favor of some sweet stainless steel ones. That has always been your dream. And if you prefer marble countertops, then by golly you are going to get marble countertops.

After you have remodeled your kitchen, it will look like a kitchen that you love with all of the decisions being yours.


There are many articles that break down the financial consequences of remodeling a kitchen. But the bottom line is that even if you don’t fully recover your investment, if you are planning on selling your house, it is the best move you can make.

But there are financial incentives that you may have overlooked. For example, new, more efficient appliances will save you money every month in energy savings. This can add up over time and wind up saving you thousands of dollars over the years.

When you have your kitchen remodeled, don’t forget to call your plumber and have them take a good look at your plumbing. You can save money getting minor problems fixed before they turn into expensive problems.


The way your kitchen is set up may have worked very well for the previous owners, but you have a vision of what your kitchen should look and feel like right now. Perhaps you could use a breakfast bar, a nice place for the family to sit and sip coffee and eat Fruit Loops in the morning.

Maybe you really want an island, so you can be more organized while preparing the daily meals. Your family lives a unique lifestyle and you should have a kitchen that reflects that and works best for you.


If you are still turning a knob to start your dishwasher, you are living in the dark ages. What would you think about having a refrigerator with a touch-screen and voice commands? No, we didn’t get that from an episode of Star Trek, this really does exist.

And it’s not just refrigerators that have come a long way, all kitchen appliances have been made better by modern technology.

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, give American Drain Company a call.