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What You Need to Know About Your Sewer System

Most of us don’t spend too much of our time thinking about our sewer system. We just go about our business doing our business and counting on the sewer system to do its job. The job of the sewer system is to safely carry away your waste and used water to a water treatment facility or through your septic tank system to be treated and then reused. The emphasis is on safety because if you drink contaminated water, you could become seriously ill and possibly die.

American Drain Company offers sewer drain cleaning and sewer line cleaning in Los Angeles. We also offer septic system cleaning and repairs, as well as trenchless sewer line cleaning and repair services. Our licensed, insured, and bonded sewer technicians offer expedient and superb services so you can get back to your daily routine. If you suspect a sewer line clog or repair, give us a call. In the meantime, keep reading for more information on your sewer system. Contact us today!

What You Need to Know About Your Sewer System in Los Angeles

The beauty of sewer systems is that they are largely underground, doing their jobs effectively without us having to see or smell waste. It’s safe to say that without modern sewer systems, we could not lead the lifestyle that we do, and people would be unable to live in big cities. Sewer systems rank as one of the most important inventions and advancements in modern civilization, and they work rather miraculously — all by the power of gravity.

The best sewer systems in the world gradually slope downwards. This is necessary because there are a lot of solids in waste products. Pipes run from your house or office building into a sewer mainline, which ideally runs next to a road. In the roads are access points, or manholes, so when/if something goes wrong, we can access the mainline and fix it. These main lines flow into progressively larger and larger pipes until they reach the wastewater treatment facility, which ideally is in a low-lying valley.

However, if gravity cannot be utilized, pressure must be added to physically pump the sewage over hills to the wastewater treatment plant. Obviously, these systems are more complex and more costly to maintain since you now have to maintain pumps to ensure the sewer is getting to where it needs to go.

At the Wastewater Treatment Plant

Once the sewer makes it to the wastewater treatment plant, it has to be treated. There are usually different stages in wastewater treatment.

  • Primary treatment. Primary treatment is the equivalent of a septic tank system. The solids settle and then the lighter substances rise to the top. The solids are then collected and either burned or hauled away to a local landfill. This process removes about half of the solids, organic material, and bacteria from the water, at which point, chlorine is added to kill the remaining bacteria, as well as oxygen. Oxygen is added because decaying matter uses up oxygen, which aquatic plants and animals need to survive in the water.
  • Secondary treatment. Secondary treatment removes all of the organic material and nutrients remaining by using bacteria that feed off this matter. Usually, this material sits in open-air tanks (bacteria need oxygen to survive) while the bacteria does its job. This secondary process removes about 90% of the materials.
  • Tertiary treatment. This third stage of wastewater treatment aims to remove phosphorus and nitrogen while killing the remaining bacteria with chlorine.

After the wastewater has been treated, it is called effluent, and this is then discharged back into the environment. The goal, of course, is to remove as much waste as possible. Then Mother Nature will do her job by finishing cleaning up the water for our reuse. This water then becomes a part of the water cycle.

Choose American Drain Company for Your Sewer Line & Sewer Drain Cleaning Needs in Los Angeles

As you can probably divine, keeping your sewer system functioning properly entails a lot of moving pieces that work seamlessly together. Thus, when one part goes down, such as a main sewer line clog, it needs to be repaired right away in order to prevent more disasters.

American Drain Company offers sewer line cleaning and sewer drain cleaning services in the Los Angeles area. Our expert plumbers use cutting-edge technology, including hydro jetting and sewer line camera inspections to locate the clog or the leak and then offer repairs. We often can do this with little to no damage to your yard. In addition, our expert plumbers help with all types of plumbing services, from pipelining to septic services and emergency 24/7 plumbing repairs. With over 50 years of collective experience, our family-owned plumbing company can help. We always put our customers first. Call us for an appointment today!