Your Drain Service In Los Angeles And Bacon Grease

Bacon grease is our wicked nemesis and plumbers are the superheroes who save us from it.

You might already know that there are certain things you just never put down your drains. For example, you should put any type of grease down your drains, especially bacon grease. It is far better to take the time to dump that bacon grease somewhere else other than down the kitchen sink.

You know this, yet many of you are quite guilty of continuing this horrific practice. Face it, almost everyone pours grease down the drain and everybody lies about it. You are just as guilty as the people who kick dropped ice under the refrigerator instead of picking it up.

Sure, it’s all a joke right now, but that changes when you have to call the plumber to clean out your drains. Just think about how much bacon you could buy with the money you just handed over to your plumber. It’s all rather sad.

Grease clogs are one of the most dreadful, damaging clogs that can happen in your plumbing system. And the damage isn’t confined to your pipes, grease can damage the larger sewer system as well.

Bacon grease is one huge problem and we need all of you to help us solve it. American Drain Company, your drain service in Los Angeles, offers the reasons why bacon grease is so bad.



Bacon grease is just like that uncle who started crashing on your couch 17 months ago, it never goes away. Bacon grease will eventually break down over time, but what it breaks down into is still a cause for concern.

Pay attention because we might quiz you on this later. You see, bacon grease breaks down into glycerol and fatty acids, which combines with other calcium in the sewer. When this happens, you wind up with a compound that is hard, sticky and very difficult to remove. And these clumps of fat never break down and never go away, they will haunt your dreams night after night.

The worst of it? Well, they will keep getting larger and larger until you have to deal with it.


Things stick to grease because, well, because grease is sticky. Even grease sticks to grease. Eww.

As grease congeals, it tends to come together inside your pipes. It builds up and becomes bigger and harder. And the bigger and harder it gets, the more difficult it is to remove. It is not uncommon for a grease clog to become 10 feet long or longer even. No kidding.


Even in liquid form, bacon grease rarely makes it through your pipes. Since bacon grease is sticky, you can expect it to stick to your pipes. It gets stuck to the inside of your pipes, cools and then turns solid.

And to make things worse, the sticky grease catches all of the other stuff that you cram down your kitchen sink. Over time, you wind up with a sticky mass of gooey grossness that is disruptive and stinky.


Grease is only in liquid form when it is hot. As soon as bacon grease cools, it will gradually turn hard. Yup, that grease you just dumped down your kitchen sink is a time bomb waiting to cause you grief.

You probably couldn’t invent a more drain clogging substance. So, just a suggestion, don’t pour that bacon grease down your drains.

If you have been pouring bacon grease down the drain, stop that bad habit right now. If you are suffering from a clogged drain due to bacon grease, give the helpful professionals at American Drain Company a call.