What are Orangeburg Sewer Pipes

At the American Drain Company, one of the more interesting but common issues that we see in older homes is the presence of Orangeburg piping. These pipes are known to exist in older homes and are also known to degrade over time, causing numerous problems in the homes that they exist in. Do you have an older home that is showing signs of plumbing issues? Here is how to tell if Orangeburg piping is the issue. If you have Orangeburg pipes, call us today to get them repaired!


Once Highly Regarded

Originally manufactured by Orangeburg Manufacturing, this, at the time, revolutionary technology was easy to cut and work with, making it highly regarded among plumbers from the 1940s to 1970s. After widespread usage, it was discovered that these pipes have a lifespan of no more than 50 years, meaning that the majority of homes with Orangeburg pipes have failing plumbing systems.


Problems With Age

Orangeburg sewer piping is constructed out of wood shavings combined with a water-resistant adhesive that does not hold up well as the pipes get older. Since wood is the secondary material used in this piping is wood, when the adhesive wears out, the pipes themselves take on moisture, resulting in poor performance.


How to Tell if You Have Orangeburg Pipes

Towards the end of their lifespan, Orangeburg sewer pipes break down, allowing roots to damage your piping, obstructions in your piping, and sewage smells to invade your home. If you have noticed any of these things in your home, the cause may be degrading Orangeburg piping.


What to Do if You Have Them

Unfortunately, fixing an Orangeburg pipe problem in your home is not easy and it’s very expensive. In most cases, it requires a full sewer system replacement. Because of the extent of the replacement needed, you need to find an experienced plumber to get the job done well.

If you have discovered that your home has Orangeburg sewer piping, you need to get your system replaced immediately. With more than 50 years of combined experience, the American Drain Company is able to efficiently and effectively replace your sewer system with reliable products that will last a lifetime. For help diagnosing and replacing an Orangeburg pipe problem in your home, contact the American Drain Company today!